Troubling Windows Stop Error Code Solve Now in 4 Ways

windows stop error

The windows stop error occurs in the pc when the system detects some glitch which it can’t solve, due to which a blue screen is visible on your pc. This error arises due to crashing of any software or hardware, in most of the cases this windows stop error occurs due to crashing of any software. There are thousands of reasons due to which we witness the blue screen or the windows 10 stop code error on our pc. Basically Microsoft has done some kind of configurations in their windows due to which if any error is detected, the windows pops up a blue screen. 

This is done to grasp the attention of the user towards the pc. Blue screen or the windows error stop code is not a big problem it is just the indication to prevent the pc from further majority of the time this error gets resolved by its own as the pc troubleshoots itself. If the windows stop error is related to software, then by reinstalling the windows we can tackle that error, but if the windows stop error is due to the hardware then reinstalling won’t go for any solutions. 

One more thing that we can do to solve windows stop error is to scan the whole system with the help of any good antivirus program, there might be some possibilities of any kind of malware, malware deeply penetrates the memory of the pc. It hooks to the kernel files due to which those files get corrupted and they get difficulty in loading so the error occurs. 

There are also the possibilities of the drivers of the system getting corrupted, if in any way this is the case then you need to update the window’s driver much sooner than later to solve windows stop error. If you update the drivers then there are chances that the blue screen would disappear leaving no error behind. If in any case the error of the screen resists all the times, which means that all you can see is that BLUE SCREEN THAN THAT MEANS THAT it is the high time for you to boot your system. 

In any case scenario if even after running the pc in safe mode the blue screen disappears then that means that the drivers are at fault and even after running the pc in safe mode the error persists it indicates that it is high time for you to reinstall the windows and it should solve windows stop error. Make sure to check system hardware as well there can be some reason with the hard disk as well so kindly get it checked

 Now let us look at Some of the possible solutions to cure the windows stop error code 

windows stop error

Method 1:

To solve windows stop error in windows 10 first start your pc and press f9 key repeatedly to access the automatic repair screen if your f9 key doesn’t work try your other f keys like f8, f7 etc. if you still can’t access the automatic repair screen first start your pc and press power button while it tries to load windows to force it to shut down, do this three times in a row to access the automatic repair screen. 

Once you are able to access the screen click on advanced options , now click on troubleshoot , now click on advanced options , click on startup repair , select your account , type in your password if you don’t have one just press continue , wait for windows 10 to be repaired now your problem should be fixed .

Method 2:

windows stop error

1. Click on troubleshoot

2. Select advanced options,

3. Now select command prompt

4. Select your account,

5. Type in your password

6. Now type: BOOTREC/FIXMBR and then press enter. 

If you get access denied type the following command and then try again (the command – type: BOOTSECT/NT60 SYS), NOW again type: BOOTREC/FIXBOOT and then press enter, type: BCDEDIT/EXPORT C:\BCDBACKUP and then press enter. 

Now type: ATTRIB C:/BOOT/BCD-H-R-S and then press enter. Type: REN C:/BOOT/BCD BDD BCD.OLD and then press enter. Type: BOOTREC/REBUILDBCD and now press enter. type: Y and then press enter. Now type: EXIT and press enter. Press continue to restart.

Method 3

windows stop error
  1. Click on troubleshoot
  2. Click on advanced options
  3. Press “system restore”
  4. Select your account 
  5. Select your keyboard layout
  6. Press next 
  7. Select your latest restore point
  8. Press next
  9. Press finish
  10. Press yes
  11. Now you need to wait for your pc to restore
  12. Press restart

Now your pc should be restored

Method 4:

windows stop error
  1. Click on troubleshoot
  2. Press reset this pc
  3. Select if you want to keep your personal files 
  4. Select your account
  5. Type in your password
  6. Press reset this pc
  7. Now wait for windows to reset

So these were few points which can be taken into consideration when we witness windows stop code error.

By Maria Amaniya

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