Top 7 Online Criminal Justice Course to do in 2022

online criminal justice

Crime has always been unstoppable and with a rise in unemployment, for which online criminal justice programs, there’s been a higher need for the have nots to steal to fulfil their needs. While we do sympathize with them, we can’t let them get away with regular stealing, after which it will become a habit.

One should be able be able to defend themselves not just from stealing but from other crimes too. With a rise in crime, it becomes necessary to know at least the basics of criminal law. It gives us an advantage with what we can charge the criminal with and makes it easier to understand the court terminologies. With the increasing availability of online courses, it has become easier to get an online criminal just degree. Some sites also offer bachelor degrees. Here are top seven online criminal justice course with certification that one can do in 2022.

online criminal justice

Feminism and Social Justice

Where- Coursera (Arts and humanities)

Length- 8 hours (approximately)

Level- Beginner

This course is offered by the University of California, Santa Cruz. It talks about three important events in the history of feminism and social justice, one of which is the famous #metoo movement. The instructor is a very renowned Professor in the Feminist Studies Department of University of California, Bettina Aptheker.

The course starts off with a basic understanding about what is Feminism, a little bit of its history and then it moves to a detailed discussion on three significant events- Salt of the Earth, Free Angela! and the #metoo Movement.

This certificate is one of the fastest online criminal justice degree to achieve.

International Law in Action: Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes

online criminal justice

Where- Coursera (Social Sciences)

Length- 18 hours (approximately)

This course is offered by Leiden University, Netherlands. The instructors are Carsten Stahn and Sergey Vasiliev. Both of them are Professors at Grotius Centre for International studies. The course starts by giving an introduction to the core concepts and foundations of the International Criminal Justice system. It then goes on to talk about how various processes work, how the trials take place and how can international criminal justice be improved. The last module focuses on the learner to be able to formulate their own ideas upon how improvement can be brought in after learning the basics.

Online Bachelors in Criminal Justice 2022

Where- Keystone online studies

Length- 3 years (full time / part time)

Level- Bachelor’s degree

This online course is offered by the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. This is a bachelor degree online criminal justice that brings the learners up to date on the recent developments in the field of criminal justice. It covers topics like cybercrime, victimology, desistance theory and many more such topics. By the time one graduates with this online criminal justice degree, they will have received an understanding of how this particular industry works while covering various disciplines like psychology, sociology, applied criminology, policing and more. This course will train the learner to tackle issues from different perspectives. 

Bachelor of Criminology and Justice

online criminal justice

Where- Edith Cowan University

Length- 3 years (full time)

Level- Bachelor’s degree

This online bachelor’s degree is offered by Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, Australia. The course provides a comprehensive understanding on various essential disciplines that play a role in the subject of criminology like psychology, sociology, law, political science and more. Students begin with an examination of crime and social control, as well as a wide range of issues within the realm of justice, such as policing, courts, law, corrections, and alternative dispute resolution. The course offers various majors like Addiction studies, Family and child support, Corrections, Policing, Professional Youth Work and Security management.

Colorado State University Global Campus

Where- Aurora, Colorado

Length- Eight weeks

Level- Bachelor’s degree

This online criminal justice degree is one of the fastest online criminal justice degree. When a learner graduates with a bachelor degree online criminal justice from this course, the student has gained knowledge on the inner workings. How law and law enforcers work on the inside, what are the skills they look for to be able to create a fine protector of the people. This degree is recognised by the Higher Learning Commission and it is one of the most sought after online bachelor degrees.

BS in Criminal Justice

Where- Lowell, Massachusetts

Length- Not known

Level- Bachelors of Science degree

This bachelor degree online criminal justice is very suitable for those who are working individuals and are looking for creating more opportunities in their career. This course prepares the learner for some of the top positions in criminal justice. The learner can choose to have it completely online or hybrid- online and on campus. The program is designed in a manner to accommodate the learner’s busy lifestyle. It will allow the student to learn at their own pace, at their own convenient time while preparing them for better roles in their career. The university is known to offer some of the best online criminal justice degree in terms of job market reputation and affordability.

BS in Criminal Justice

online criminal justice

Where- University of Oklahoma, Norman

Length- Eighteen months (one and a half year)

Level- Bachelors of Science degree

This is one of the fastest online criminal justice degree and one of the best. This university too, allows students to move at their pace during their learning process. To make the process faster, students can also transfer credits.

This course is more focused on teaching learners the basics of forensic science, how it applies to the investigation. They also teach the students how the justice system works. To strengthen the foundation, the university has also included different types of crimes in the course. All of these topics together, prepare the students for the upcoming challenges that they will face once they join their jobs in various law enforcement centres.  

By Maria Amaniya

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