Top 5 Great Employee Time Clocks for 2022

employee time clocks

Are you new to the concept of employee time clocks? With a rise in COVID cases, most people, organisations, institutions, companies are choosing to work from home. In such cases, especially in work places where the employees receive payment on an hourly basis. To keep a track of the number of hours an employee has worked, the employer uses a clock for work. 

This is not a regular clock. It is a time clock for work hours. It is a software or an application (clock in machine for work) where the employee logs in and the employer knows even from a remote location when the employee logged out or took a break. These are often paid, like many other services for work, while some are unpaid. Here are the top five employee clocks for 2022.


This is one of the best employee time clocks for work. This can keep track of the employee from a remote location as well. For those looking for a good time clock for work hours, this is the ideal software. 

It has a free plan as well as a paid version where the monthly fees vary from $19.95 to $99.95 for each location. The software even has apps. It uses a pin to keep track of the employee. It even has an offline mode and a built in employee scheduling. 

The free plan has clock in apps for work, option for recording attendance, employee scheduling and a lot more features. Although, the free plan is limited to one location. It does not offer geolocation. The software is very user friendly and the free plan can include unlimited employees. In addition to this, it has three paid plans, which is billed on the basis of location. It even has a clock in apps for work.

QuickBooks Time: 

employee time clocks

This software is one of the best employee time clocks and answers to the businesses who have their workers in remote locations. With work from home becoming the new normal, workers can work from anywhere in the world. This software makes everything very much easy. It also has an app, since it is cloud based which can be used in place of website. This clock for work uses geotechnology to track remote workers all through their shifts, this means that live GPS feed is used to track workers. 

QuickBooks Time is one of those employee time clocks that gives managers the freedom to build schedules for their employees on the basis of various jobs or shifts. This can then be shared with the employees thus allowing them to stay on the same page. Managers can use this software to send reminders to the workers to clock in or clock out. 

Apart from keeping track of employees’ shifts, this kind of employee time clocks allow a lot more features than its many other competitors. The manager can track the progress of the project, view project estimates against actual costs. It also allows the employer and employee to communicate through notes on projects and jobs. Another feature is that it allows tracking of job mileage and expenses. 

When I Work: 

employee time clocks

“When I work” is the perfect solution for businesses with workers who work in shifts and one of the best employee time clocks. This software is the ideal solution for such purposes since its main focus has been scheduling tools. It also has a system which offers photo clock-in. This prevents “buddy punching”, i.e. prevents other workers from covering up for someone else. It also prevents the workers from punching in before time. 

This is to ensure that the schedule is being maintained. Also, it is one of the very affordable software on the market. The fees start at $2 per employee, every month. This is the basic plan. For anyone who is in need of more functions, it will cost them additional $2 per employee, each month.

 Apart from being one of the more affordable employee time clocks, it offers a trial period of fourteen days.  It also supports multiple locations and suits different business types. 

Paychex Flex: 

employee time clocks

Paychex Flex is one of the few employee time clocks that is \ all in one solution that does it all. It provides solutions to various HR issues, payroll administration, various hiring and onboarding services, business insurance, compliance assistance and administration of various employee benefits. Apart from these many advanced supports, it provides the basic supports of providing time clock for work and managing the attendance of employees. 

The software is cloud based and offers employees the freedom to be able to log in from anywhere. It has apps for android and iPhone (search for – my work clock app for iPhone). The software offers various solutions to help keeping the clock in and clock out time of employees accurate. It helps keep track of paid leaves.

 Recently, keeping the COVID requirements in mind, these employee time clocks got an update which helped the employers keep a check on the employee’s vaccination status tracking. It also allows employers to keep track of the employees’ leaves which were due to COVID-19. This software also allows employees to swap shifts as needed. 


employee time clocks

This is one of the best employee time clocks. This software uses geotechnology and photo clock in like some of its competitors, but unlike some of its competitors, it allows the employees to check in and check out via many other devices like phones, tablets etc. 

This software is one of the very few software available on the market which automatically clocks in and clocks out an employee based on the time in the system thus removing any chance for human error. 

Employees can apply for paid leaves (PTO) and the software sends it directly to the manager for approval. Apart from this benefit for employees, the managers can create a global holiday and apply them to all the employees automatically. 

By Maria Amaniya

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