Top 10 Online Masters in Human Resources

masters in Human Resources

HRM (Human Resource Management) is a sub-discipline of Management and Business Studies and masters in Human Resources is a flourishing field. The course covers ideas as well as requires students to practice recruiting procedures.

Human Resource Management is a field that is necessary in every part of an organization in order to recruit talented professionals for the organization’s improvement and progress.

Employee administration, administrative services, performance management, and, most significantly, the hiring process are all covered in the masters in Human Resource Management course.

The course assists students in studying and gaining the information and principles necessary to manage the company’s human resources.

The major goal of the HRM course is to offer the organization with necessary and suitable resources. The course covers a variety of topics, including the corporate environment, financial management, and communication skills.

Masters in Human Resources Online

A masters in human resources might assist you in starting from the bottom up a company’s human resources department. The students can learn about hiring practices, procedures, and how to deal with a variety of problems that may emerge in your future workplace.

Human resource professionals play an important part in any organization or firm. Masters in Human Resources degrees make students prepared for a job in which they assist others in developing and growing within a corporate framework. 

masters in Human Resources

Students in the Human Resources course should be able to assess future and present workers after graduation to see if their character characteristics and talents would be beneficial to the organization. Students can learn to create training programs and integrate them into a company’s structure. 

Masters in Human Resources Courses may also include how to establish an atmosphere within the firm that encourages a certain culture to aid employee growth and retention.

Individuals who desire a flexible schedule can benefit from internet-based masters in Human Resources courses. The following universities offer the best online master’s degree programs in human resources.

Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

West Lafayette, USA

The Online Master in Human Resource Management program at Krannert University is a flexible 100 percent online curriculum that matches the students’ schedules. The students’  do not have to give up their profession or family life to pursue a master’s degree at a prominent university.

The masters in Human Resources program needs 30 credit hours in total and the student may complete the courses at their own speed, at any time, and from any location.

The duration of the course at Krannert School of Management ranges from 1-2 years.

Tuition fees: $30,564

 Penn State World Campus

masters in Human Resources

Centre County, Pennsylvania

Penn State’s international campus offers an online Master of ‘Professional Studies in Human Resources and Employment Relations.’ This masters in Human Resources curriculum combines advanced theory with hands-on experience to equip students to help company executives in incorporating human resources into strategic initiatives. 

After the course, students can evaluate complicated employee benefit schemes, remain current on new labor regulations, and better address the difficulties of employee rights after completing this course.

The masters in Human Resources curriculum also provides seven concentrations in the field of human resources by which students may pick, allowing them to tailor their education to their specific needs.

Each of the faculty members who teach in this program has years of practical expertise in the sector of human resources.

Tuition fees: $903 per credit

Unicaf – Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool, United Kingdom

The online masters in human resources offered by Inicaf-Liverpool John Moores University aim is to produce students who can contribute to the creation and execution of HRM strategy in a variety of organizational settings. 

The students can synthesize, analyse, and evaluate complicated information from a number of sources and reflect critically on their experiences and learning, skill acquisition, and their commitment to continuous professional development and lifetime learning.

The duration of an online masters in human resources at Liverpool University is 2 years, the maximum duration is 5 years.

masters in Human Resources

Tuition fees: £12,635

University of Connecticut

Mansfield, Connecticut

The 20-month online curriculum of masters in human resources is meant to acquire the abilities that future HR professionals will need to manage a firm of people when they graduate. Students will be able to study one course at one time over the internet in an innovative environment. 

The masters in Human Resources program calls for the completion of 33-semester credits in Human Resources, with topics such as Career Management, Managing Risk in the Workplace, and Human Resource Metrics and Talent Analytics among others. The core curriculum will account for nine of the eleven needed courses, including a final management capstone course.

Tuition fees: In – state: $15,350

                      Out-of-state: $36,962 

UNIR – Mexico


The Masters in ‘Human Resources Management and Direction’ will provide students with the skills to assess, detect, and execute human capital training and development plans.

It will teach students how to utilize the most up-to-date tools, as well as how to learn about the newest business technology that allows for the selection and usage of data to attract and retain people.

This online masters in human resources will prepare you to manage human capital and talent, adjusting to the new digital age’s approach as well as the new modalities of worker integration that businesses require.

Tuition fees:$140.62 per month

 Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana State University provides a ‘Master of Science in Human Resource Education.’ This top masters in human resources program trains students to work in a range of industries, including business, education,  information technology, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing, to give leadership development and change management capabilities.

This master’s program is accelerated, which means students may work on their courses on their own time and graduate from the program sooner than if they followed a standard master’s track. A student will be taking a new course every seven weeks if they have twelve courses to finish.

Tuition fees: $481 per credit

Tarleton State University

Stephenville, Texas

Tarleton State University allows students to get a Master of Science(MSc) in Human Resource Management online, a degree that prepares future professionals for the behaviours and issues that they will face in the sector. The curriculum equips students with the skills they will need to deal with the various issues they’ll experience as a Human Resource Manager. 

The curriculum contains only 10 mandatory courses and a rigorous test required to complete the degree. The test will address how to put theory and principles into practice in a business setting. It will show how well a student has grasped the content over the course of 30 semester hours.

Tuition fees: In state: $3,996 

                       Out of State: $11,466 

masters in Human Resources

IU International University of Applied Sciences 

Bad Honnef, Germany

The IU International University of Applied sciences online masters degree programs in human resources management program allows you to get an education at a low cost. It also allows the students to benefit from an optimal blend of legal, business management, HR management subject, and sociopsychological, as well as equipping the student with the abilities to address the digitalization challenge that firms confront in today’s world.

The IU university is ranked number one in Europe. The duration of the masters degree in human resources online at IU university is 2-4 years.

Tuition fees: $111.14 per month

 Georgetown University

Washington, D.C., United States

A Master’s in Human Resource Management is one of the graduate degrees offered by Georgetown University. The online program claims to provide students with sophisticated business abilities that would enable them to succeed in the real world and produce tangible outcomes that will bring value to any company. 

Two core courses- Capstone project and Workplace Ethics, Three foundation courses-  Foundations of Human Resources, Research Process, and Methodology, and Human Capital Analytics, and six elective courses make up the 11-course, 33-credit curriculum. Students can enroll in the online graduate program part-time or full-time depending on their non-school obligation.

Tuition fees: $49,560

Florida International University

Miami, Florida, United States

Florida International University is the tenth biggest institution in the United States, with more than 180-degree programs to select from. A Master of Science (MSc) in Human Resource Management is one of those degrees that may be completed entirely online. 

Students will learn how to align their strategy with the organization’s business strategy, plan for organizational adjustments in developing policies and practices that add value to their company, changing business conditions, and, and strengthen their writing, computing, and presentation skills over time as part of this program. Unless the department grants an extension, the 38-credit program has to be finished within a 12-month period.

Tuition Fees: In State: $8,912, Out of state: $21,393

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