Top 10 Kids Electric Cars for your Kid in 2022

Toy cars have evolved immensely especially kids electric cars.

Toy cars have evolved immensely especially kids electric cars. Kids have gone carrying around small toy cars everywhere and running them on every flat surface they find to sitting in a child-sized toy car and driving it around the neighbourhood.

Kids electric car craze has become a common trend especially due to various social media platforms used to spread the word. Tik-Tok stars have been promoting these and these cars have become a number one priority on every kid’s Christmas wish list. There is a wide variety of options to choose from and hence a few questions are bound to pop up in your head. 

‘What is the price range of these kids electric cars?’, ‘How do I know which one is right for my toddler?’. You have got nothing to worry about because we are here to help you out. 

Top ten kids electric cars to consider in 2022

From a fiery Lamborghini and fine details on a range rover to an absolute vintage gem-a Subaru, they have got it all.

Car modelPrice rangeCar modelPrice range
Lamborghini Sian byTOBBI toysStarting from $279Ram 3500 by KidtraxStarting from $349
Maserati Ghibli by TOBBI toys$199 to 230Jeep by FitnessClubStarting from $301.35
Audi TT RS Starting from$194Mercedes Benz 300SL by costzonStarting from $200
Chevrolet Silverado by Little brown boxStarting from $369Mercedes-Benz Maybach G650s Landaulet by CostzonStarting from $285
Tesla model s by radio flyerStarting from $499.9Mclaren 720S by Modern-DepoStarting from $480

Lamborghini Sian Bt TOBBI toys

 kids electric cars

Rolling into the lane in a Lamborghini Sian and a Capri Sun in the hand is quite an eye-catcher as kids electric cars.

 This Lamborghini Sian sold by Tobbi toys is a 12V licensed kid’s electric car that has detailed features that replicate the actual car. It comes with a swing-scissor door and is equipped with bright LED front and rear lights.

It comes with two modes of driving- The manual and the remote control mode. The remote control mode gives the parent full control over the car and has an emergency stop feature making your child’s safety a number one priority. It has a three-point seat belt system that ensures safety during movement.

The Sian goes up to 3.1 mph and is to be operated under adult supervision.

It comes with shock-absorbing wheels that take up to 55lbs of weight and is made of eco-friendly plastic that is sturdy.

It has inbuilt engine sounds and music systems that make the experience more realistic.

This kids electric car is priced around $279 to $289 and comes in various colours like pink, green, white and yellow.

Maserati Ghibli by TOBBI toys

 kids electric cars

Want your child to have a Luxurious experience with its driving?

This Maserati Ghibli is just what you are looking for.

This is one of the kids electric cars and is a 12V engine that allows your child to drive around for about 60 minutes. It comes with an Mp3 player and a great sound system.

It has a large and comfortable seating area and a complete backrest. It allows a switch between low and high speed and has a great brake system. Adjustable mirrors and fully functional doors, a working horn and headlights are just a few of its amazing features. 

It comes with a dual-mode system where parents have equal control as the child making it a safe and enjoyable drive. 

This model has a price range of $199 to $229 and comes in colours like black, white, red and pink.

Audi TT RS

If you have got a sporty, athletic kid then the Audi TT RS maybe the just the one to get your child’s adrenaline levels up and pumping. This is one of the best kids electric cars.

This licensed slick and sporty 6V model comes with all sorts of features like backlights and a built-in music player with USB and TF slots to give your child the real feel of a car. It mostly comes under the category of ‘electric cars for toddlers’ as it targets an age group of 3 to 6 years.

As for the safety features, it comes with remote control access to parents and a secure seatbelt. Each charge gives your child one hour of runtime.

It has two-speed options – 1- 2mph and 2- 3mph which ensures the safety of your toddler during movement.

This Audi TT RS model comes in one colour- white and its price range start at $194.99.

Chevrolet Silverado by Little brown box

Does your child imitate any macho man, then this 12 V Chevy Silverado which comes with a fun start/stop feature is quite intriguing to kids and is suitable for the age group of 37 to 96 months. 

It runs at a maximum speed of 3.7mph and comes with additional storage space at the back and can take on max. weight of  65lbs.

The other features of the car amongst kids electric cars include START button with start-up sound effects,  battery status indicator, remote supervision and control of forward and reverse moments, LED headlights and built-in horn and multifunctional control board that has FM radio and MP3/USB outlets with could add some blasting music for symphony lovers.

Tesla Model S For Kids

 kids electric cars

Dad’s and Mom’s driving a Tesla will sure consider this miniature that adds pride to your portico parked alongside your car.

This of kids electric cars adds features that compete with the parent Tesla like the Flight Speed™ Lithium-Ion Batteries that last 3X longer than standard counterparts and assure a  top speed of 6 mph or limited speed of 3 mph that can be set by the parents. A top-up to the above is the spare battery that you can charge as you drive. 

It comes in sporty and striking colours like Solid White and three Mettalic shades – Red, Midnight Silver and Deep Blue. Suit the car with your choice of Black or Silver Turbine wheels that enhance its appearance.  

You could add a Custom Licence plate at a small additional price that can carry the name of your child favourite pet or childhood toy and is delivered wrapped in a special silver bow. Procure the car cover which is yet another accessory as it is an open-top model.

Some technicalities sure to be considered are Exterior dimensions  (height/length/width): 21″/52″/28.5″ and  Seat to pedal is 17-22″. It can manage a weight of 40.5lbs and along with the packaging weighs 55lbs. The Wheel Dimensions are  9″x 4″ W. You might take into account the above along with the height or growth category your kids belongs to make your decision for kids electric cars.

Ram 3500 by Kidtrax

The 12-Volt Diesel Dually Ram 3500 Ride-On from Kid Trax is rugged and built for adventure kids and is one of the best kids electric cars.

It comes with working LED headlights and a rear roll bar that could light up the way. The turbo diesel engine sounds are a bonus and sound very realistic. Moving forward and reverse at 2.5 MPH with the option to go forward at 5 MPH seems like fun on this car never stops. 

It sits two riders between 3 and 7 years old and can take maximum total weight: 130 lbs.

Plug into the Direct Connect One Step Charging System, the 12-volt rechargeable battery and wall charger and it is refuelled for your kids next ride.

Jeep by FitnessClub

kids electric cars

Kids who fancy a kids electric cars and 4×4 driving on the beach playing music that surpass the sound of waves, this is the ideal choice to fulfil your child’s dream of owning kids electric cars.

This 1-seater with a seat width of 16 inches is made of tough plastic ideal for age group 3 to 4 Years; 5 to 6 Years; 7 to 8 Years and can take a total weight of 88 lbs. It comes with a seat belt for the safety of your child. Powered with a battery of Voltage: 12 Volt and able to achieve maximum Speed between 2.5 – 4 mph, this car is suitable for indoor and outdoor driving.

It has a remote control for parents to monitor or support the kid and you could connect your device by USB to play your music or stories along the drive.

The overall dimensions of this kind of kids electric cars are 31.5” H x 49.2” W x 31.5” L and is delivered in two boxes, so wait patiently for both boxes delivered before assembly. It is accessorized with a car cover to protect against weather conditions when parked.

Mercedes Benz 300SL by Costzon

The Mercedes Benz 300sl is the perfect vintage car model if your child fancies grandpa’s car a little too much.

This model of kids electric cars is a 6V car that comes with both parental and manual modes. It has various features that include Mp3 input, movable wing mirrors, a functional horn and LED headlights.

One charge gives your child a 60-minute play-time and can easily be operated by the remote control as well. It runs at the speed of 1.86 mph assuring your child’s safety.

The seating area is large and comes with a seat belt for safety during movement.

It comes in two colours- red and black and has a price range starting from $199.

McLaren 720S by Costzon

The McLaren 720S is a 12V car with the luxuries of a leather seat and butterfly doors. The features of this mini-vehicle include a Bluetooth sound system, MP3 input, USB connection facilities and white LED Lights.

A remote control feature is provided to the parents for safety of kids electric cars. It has a multifunctional steering wheel with musical effects which makes the kids experience far more joyous than it already is.

Openable doors make the car more realistic. The suspension system is designed in such a way that it provides a smooth ride on experience.

This model comes in various colours like Black, white, orange, purple and red and has a price range of $479.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach

The Mercedes Benz Maybach comes with a 12V engine and a high and low-speed switch pedal. It is remotely controllable and Power button along with forward and reverses buttons. 

It has an excellent shock absorber system ensuring a smooth ride all along for kids electric cars.

The model has exciting features to keep your child entertained in case it loses interest in driving. It comes with BlueTooth, Aux port, TF slot and USB port to connect audio devices.

The Mercedes-Benz Maybach comes in pink and blue and has a price range starting at $485 -$499.

Here is the list of kids electric cars. Make your choice and give the best kids electric cars for your loved children.

By Maria Amaniya

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