Top 10 Amazing HR software management to look for in 2022

HR software

If you are looking for some help regarding HR software, you have come to the right place.

Unemployment is on the rise and all those who hire are working from home, which means they help at home and work. Their home, the resting place has also become a work place, making them juggle things in their life constantly. Here are ten hr management software for small business, which will make their lives much easier. 


Breezy is an ATS (Applicant Management System) which assists you in automating repetitive and time-consuming hiring procedures such as identifying top candidates, emailing (or messaging), scheduling interviews, and delivering offers for signature. This HR software is best suited for groups of 10 to 10,000 people who manage collaborative hiring and recruitment processes. 

Because Breezy is an ATS, it does not include comprehensive HRMS solutions such as employee databases, payroll and hr software for small business. Breezy offers onboarding, self-service portal, recruitment management and applicant tracking. 


Freshteam, from the well-known software business Freshworks, functions as an intelligent all-in-one programme for HR teams. With Freshteam, you can ensure that your HR operations are in line with the 2022 requirements, from hiring through onboarding, time tracking, employee data, and day-to-day HR team workflows. 

Freshteam provides features like onboarding, offboarding, applicant tracking system, employee information system, time off, and HR reports. The best part is that it also has a mobile app. is an open platform that enables HR managers to create tailored solutions for the needs of their teams. Using pre-made templates, one can follow the hiring process of applicants and onboard new staff. One can also combine using Gmail and 40+ other programmes to handle all of your workflows easily. 

The software fulfils all the necessary needs of an HR like onboarding, a complete feedback, keeping track off clock out, performance, benefits, payroll, compensation and recruitment management, making it one of the best hr software for small business. 


HR software

QuickBooks Time is HR software that tracks and schedules employee time. It includes a self-service portal as well as payroll management. Employees may simply track time from any site in real-time using QuickBooks. 

Employees may track their time on tablets and smartphones as well as desktop computers because QuickBooks also provides HR application software. Employees can clock in and out using QuickBooks. 

The self-service option is a must-have in practically any HR management solutions. In the following section of this article, we will go over the major human resources solutions in further detail.


UserGuiding began as a no-code user onboarding app for new users to digital sites. HR managers understand the importance of the onboarding process for new workers. With the correct employee onboarding procedure, reinforced by UserGuiding’s interactive content, new hires may get up to speed quickly and become acquainted with the company’s culture, tools, and colleagues. 

Furthermore, whether for employees working remotely or in the office, HR online or digital onboard methods are the most widely employed training tactics.

ADP workforce now: 

Payroll, benefits, talent management, time management, compliance, analytics, and benchmarking are just a few of the human resource management products provided by ADP. ADP’s human resource management tools include payroll, benefits, talent management, time management, compliance, analytics, and benchmarking.

HR software


Paycor is a complete HR and payroll solution. It allows the users to quickly import employee hours and view capital needs before to filing payroll. It is advantageous to eliminate manual effort from payroll operations. Onboarding, performance management, payroll management, and applicant monitoring are all available. Paycor, in general, provides an effective solution for payroll data processing and streamlines HR.


Gusto is an online HR software that streamlines the HR management workflows of small enterprises. It includes features such as, compensation administration, onboarding, portal of self-service, management of time off and benefits, gusto, unlike ADP, lacks the 360-degree feedback, recruitment management, and candidate tracking tools.


HR software

Namely is a comprehensive Human Resource management solution that includes payroll, benefits, and talent management. This HR software assists firms in improving their HR procedures while remaining compliant. Over 1,400 organisations rely on Namely. Onboarding, talent management, time and attendance, recruiting, analytics, employee administration, and more capabilities are available.

 Namely falls under the umbrella of human resources information systems (HRIS). All of your HR procedures and policies will be managed from a single platform. Namely is one of the top HR software since it is designed to increase employee engagement. A consumer self-service portal provides employees with access to all of the HR information they needed. All in all, Namely is a brilliant option for mid-sized businesses.

Bamboo HR: 

This HRMS is among the best HR software options for small and medium-sized enterprises (less than 1000 employees.) BambooHR, being a cloud-based system, also includes integrated payroll, application tracking (ATS), e-signatures, and time-off tracking. Its additional distinguishing qualities are as follows: compensation, benefits, recruiting, and performance management, attendance and timing, onboarding through a self-service portal. 

HR software

BambooHR’s popularity stems from its ease of use for employees. Employees can utilise and report efficiently thanks to its user-friendly mobile app. BambooHR is an effective HR management solution if the HR team wishes to move away from spreadsheets and organise their HR data.

By Maria Amaniya

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