Top 10 great CRM software for small business

CRM software

CRM, i.e., Customer Management Relationship, is a way that focuses on managing relationships with your existing and potential customers effectively, which helps you sell your products or services and CRM software helps you with it.

It is not just about selling the prospect and getting them to the point of buying your product or service, but it is also about converting them to your customer and providing a positive customer experience. CRM software also allows you to track customer service contacts. 

For an instance, after the sale, if a customer reaches back out to your organization for some customer service and speaks to a sales rep or customer service representation, CRM will allow you to track the history of a customer’s experience.

Top 10 CRM software for small business 

CRM software for small business 2022

Here are the top 10 CRM software for your small business:

HubSpot CRM

Now, HubSpot stands as a leading CRM software because of its incredibly comprehensive free edition and you can use it across your sales, marketing, customer services.

  • Unlimited Users: Using HubSpot CRM, you can engage unlimited users on this platform completely for free.
  • No Cap on Data Usage: This CRM software has no limit put to your Internet usage, i.e., you will get unlimited data for a certain period on a certain amount of fee.
  • Capture up to One Million Contacts: You can store as many as 1 million contacts and companies on your database.
  • Easy to Use UI: HubSpot’s free CRM provides a smooth easy-to-understand and navigate User Interface (UI) which makes it ideal for members in your team that are not too technophilic.
  • Powerful Landing Page Builder: Using HubSpot, you can easily create landing pages with the easy-to-use landing page builder and start capturing customer or prospect contact information through your forms.
  • 2000 Email Campaign Sends per month: HubSpot also allows you to engage in email marketing by allowing you 2000 email campaign sends per month.

Zoho CRM

Zoho offers users a free version of their CRM. This CRM software is ideal for businesses with three or fewer team members, as its free plan allows up to 3 users.

  • Customizable Dashboard: Zoho’s free CRM has an attractive yet simple layout and the dashboard can be customized according to your needs.
  • The Zoho deal feature is one of the easiest-to-use for beginners.
  • Smoothest Sales Pipeline UI: Zoho’s free version offers one of the smoothest sale pipeline User Interfaces making it simple to manage sale stages and organize specific follow-up actions with complete ease.
  • Major limitation in mass email functions

So, you need to upgrade this CRM software to make the most of core CRM features.

Streak CRM

CRM software

This is a unique CRM software that is built into Gmail, hence making it a perfect fit for those who use Gmail or Google Workspace for their business emails. To integrate Stream CRM into your Gmail, you just need to add its extension to your browser.

  •  CRM is much simpler and more streamlined compared to the other CRMs that we have discussed here.
  • Easy Email tracking is also offered by free Streak CRM.
  • You can easily customize your pipeline layouts and choose from various layouts available.
  • Streak CRM has a smooth data flow and keeps track of everything through Gmail, along with management.
  • Streak-free CRM is available for only one user, which can be a plus point if you have just started your business.

So, you need to upgrade it to a paid plan if you have a team of more than one.

Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular CRM software .

  • 12 Users for Free: You can access all the CRM features and engage with a large team of up to 12 users.
  • Modern and Attractive UI: Bitrix24 User Interface is one of the most modern and attractive.
  • Project Management Software: You can use this tool as a Project Management Software, giving it more dimension than the other tools we’ve told above.
  • Daunting and confusing for beginners: This free CRM can be daunting and confusing for beginners. Therefore, if you have never used a CRM before, we would not recommend you to get started with Bitrix24.

Monday CRM

CRM software is a potential CRM software for small businesses. However, does not offer a free plan anymore though it is a powerful tool due to its full-feature user-friendly CRM that they offer for an affordable price.

  • Elegant UI: The visual User Interface stands out from the other tools we’ve mentioned above.
  • Leading Pipeline Management: Pipeline management is visual and easy to navigate and manage.
  • The basic plan is for small teams of up to 3 users and this gives you unlimited contacts custom fields and full use of lead contacts and deal management.


This CRM software has a great design and is easy to use. Its main focus is being CRM, but it also has marketing features available so if you’re looking for something that just works with great support and fairly priced, this is for you. 

  • Some of the best features are the leads module where you can find all your leads in a live chat for your website and web forms also.
  • You can use Pipedrive as your default email and create an online calendar so your clients can book meetings with you.
  • Regarding customization, you can create different pipelines and modify the stages as well as create custom fields.
  • For your modules, workflow allows you to set up triggers and actions to automate processes like creating tasks or sending email notifications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM software

Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP but the CRM capabilities are particularly strong.

  • The thing about it is that this CRM is suitable for both smaller as well as larger organizations. 
  • The capabilities that this CRM provides range from simple pipeline management and forecasting managing leads and lead flow up to customer service.
  • It is also AI-based that helps you to flag next steps or leads or prospects that need some sort of follow-ups as well as recommend next steps with those leads and prospects.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a united solution for diverse tasks such as sales, service teams, and marketing.

  • Agile CRM is very easy to set up and navigate as it is user-friendly as well as mobile-friendly, which makes it easier to navigate.
  • It offers core CRM sales features like complete scheduling, marketing automation, Email tracking, social media integration, and many more.
  • Agile fee CRM is available for a team of up to 10 users.

NetHunt CRM

CRM software

With NetHunt, the mission has always been to get everything under one tab.

  • It is a Gmail CRM system, where everything happens inside Gmail, as a part of Gmail, the whole lead prospecting, generation, nurturing, and conversion journey. 
  • It helps you organize, automate and grow. It has got all the core sales, marketing, and support features done to a team with email marketing features, visualized pipelines, and loads and loads of integration. 
  • It is also a sales and marketing automation platform. No leads fall through the crack, no prospect gets neglected. Workflow does all the heavy lifting.

Freshsales Suite

This CRM stores the customer experience in one location which helps in customer management.

  • AI-based lead scoring
  • Customer segmentation
  • Built-in Email tracker
  • Actionable insights


Your small business needs any one of these mentioned CRMs to build a healthy relationship with your customers, that ensures positive feedback and customer retention. You can use this strategy to increase your business profits and a CRM will definitely help you to grow your business.

By Maria Amaniya

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