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The game SIFU is developed by a slow clap on unreal engine 4 and will hit the PlayStation, PlayStation 4, and pc. Sifu game release date is on February 8th 2022it will cost a retail price of $39.99 for the standard edition or $49.99 for the deluxe edition. here will we go over a brief overview of sifu ps5 


The game Sifu trailer has made so much buzz. Let’s begin with the story of the game Sifu and the inspiration behind it is extremely fascinating. Sifu is a beat-em-up third-person action-adventure fame in this you play as a 20 years OLD Kung Fu student and you embark on a lifelong mission to hunt down a group of 5 assassins who have brutally murdered your family. 

These five figures have become prominent figures in the frictional city and HELD up in well-defended strongholds the game is set in a contemporary Chinese city and is grounded in reality but with magic-infused,  as well as you have probably seen by now the protagonist is resurrected whenever they die.

The hero has an ancient pendant that can heal them back to life this is a crucial part of the gameplay loop as each time you die you resurrect as a more knowledgeable more experienced fighter but the character agrees and become older. 

The developers have said that aging is not permanent but they will cover that a bit more in a section later. The game Sifu is inspired by kungfu Fu movies starring Jackie Chan where the beloved Jackie Chan will defeat multiple enemies single-handedly. The term sifu itself translates to master in Chinese and the combat style is Pak Mei. It is said that the game includes over 150 attacks which are staggering for any video game, this is a single-player only game. 

Slow clap has previously developed absolver in 2017 which was also an RPG fighting game with a HEAVIER focus on the online cooperative aspects of it but the sifu the team at slow clap consulted a pak mei Kung Fu master by the name Benjamin kilos to ensure that the game was authentic.


Combat of the Game SIFU

This game SIFU was designed to be difficult and it has a sharp learning curve, fair warning, and a good segue into our next topic: combat. one of the difficulties for the studio while designing the combat was to make sure that the experience is authentic to the movies that it draws inspiration from like john wick or movies featuring Jackie Chan just like I mentioned before it’s hard to capture that kind of speed and velocity and slowing it down for the gamers because let’s face it most of us aren’t blessed with good reaction time. 

They also wanted the game and the combat to present a considerable challenge so finding this balance was crucial in the game SIFU. One major theme that is going to be present throughout the game and the progression is all about mastery through practice this is a key value in many aspects of life but especially the various types of Kung Fu.

To address this, the developers had designed what they call the structure system to emulate real combat motion of impacting and breaking stance of your opponent their ability to attack and defend themselves and so on both yourself and your enemies have a gauge that you will have to keep an eye on and when you manage to break your opponent’s balance gauge, you will have the ability to finish them with a powerful takedown.

 However, if your gauge is filled be prepared to be put in the hurt locker, defensively speaking you will have the ability to block which will fill your balance gauge but also be able to dodge moves which will allow you to create space at key moments during a fight which can be a lifesaver.

Carrying is also an option which when perfectly timed will open up opportunities for counter-attacks or throwing the enemy you will even have control over your character to jump over or duck under incoming strikes which will be useful against strong moves that cannot be parried I know that dogging blocking parrying stagger gauges aren’t new in games but I think that when executed well that can be extremely engaging in this game SIFU. 


The player will start with a basic offensive kit that will be able to deal with basically any enemy but it will take you some time to learn all the different aspect of the techniques available to you again this game is going to have a steep learning curve and it’s not meant to be an easy game for the average gamer you  will have your basic strong and fast moves to build combos but you will also to focus on single enemies or moving from one opponent to others in terms of the flow combat. 

Think kind of in lines with the way that the arkham series did their combat or the recent Spiderman game it’s not going to be quite AS Fluid in the game SIFU but that’s the idea that they’re going for again much more grounded in realism as you progress and unlock new skills you will gain access to more option to kit out your character and hoe you prefer to fight some players are going to want to create tones of space between you and the crowd and just focusing on a single enemy while others want to go full action movie star and attack every single enemy. 

In the entire room of the game SIFU you will be given the tool to knock enemies down by yourself sometimes or perhaps push them back into other enemies to stun them and disarm an enemy , the developers are really focused on that Hollywood kung Fu action fighting scene feeling here and fighting against multiple enemies is at the core of the gameplay experience they have gone for a dynamic locking system up the camera to allow foe quick swapping between multiple targets which is going to be crucial in a game SIFU . 

As quick as this a huge part of the fighting experience will also be using parts of the environment in this game SIFU to your parts of the advantage we have seen this in previous games that were centered around melee combat one game that comes to mind is the severely underrated sleeping dogs which came out during the ps3 360 generations and are to this day one of the favs. Game of all times. that game also had Arkham-style combat but using the environment was extremely helpful in all the bone-breaking combat.


Progression of the Game SIFU

As far as environmental interaction in the game SIFU you as the player will be able to use it in all different ways such as using furniture to toss into the enemy, feet to build up that balance bar, or perhaps leap across a table to close the gap on an enemy. positioning is going to be equally important especially when fighting multiple enemies at one time making sure you don’t get caught between a rock and the guy who wants to use your head as a soccer ball is going to be crucial . 

Also one great feature of the game SIFU that I love that they put in game  is that the enemy’s attacks will also damage each other if an enemy takes a haymaker swing that you dodge and they land the attack on another enemy they will take damage this greatly adds to the realism of the combat and I’m super glad its included to touch on the aging mechanic to be clear aging will not make you weaker but it will have an impact on your abilities. 

As you get older you’ll trade maximum health for offensive power as you are already seen the appearance of your character does age appropriately which is great touch .one last thing to know about the combat is the focus mechanic, focus is a resource that you build up as you fight resource is broken out into charges that you will progressively unlock your playthrough using a focus charge will slow down time and allow you to choose a weak point on your opponent to do some serious damage perhaps disabling them or just seriously wounding them , there are going to be different types of focus attacks as you level up so keep that in mind. 

We have talked about progression and skills of the game SIFU a bit just before in the combat section but let’s just talk about it for a brief minute here you will be able to unlock skills either in between missions or at shrines that are found throughout the levels shrines will allow you to improve your character during runs by giving you the player the choice between different perks each one of which will have different requirements that you will have to meet which ones you choose will depend on your play style. 

These upgrades are not lost on death. Speaking of death, let’s talk about one of the defining features of the game: when you die your hero will age, the first time you die you will age by one year, the second time you will age by two years and the third time by 3 years and so on. So the only way to reset that counter is to use one of the available shrines or to beat specific enemies such as chapter bosses. Ending a chapter will also reset your death counter but your age will not be affected in the game SIFU. 

There is no way to get younger and you will only get older as you fall and get back up just like real-life past a certain age-dependent that allows you to resurrect will not have enough power and your ultimate death will result in a definitive game over. 

However even upon a game over some of the elements of your progression are not lost the game will create save points at the age you had when you finished that level you will be able to continue from that chapter and just take what you have learned to try to beat the game but they are permanently unlocked skills that will be available to you at the start of a new run. 


This roguelike element is a welcome feature and it’s nice to see also something we haven’t discussed yet is the detective board which is an illustration of the progress of your hunt for the assassins upon a game over you will still retain this information which can include shortcuts, hidden room or doors that had been unlocked in the previous playthrough.

Performance of the Game SIFU

The developers are targeting 60 fps on all the platforms the game is releasing on at the moment even down to base ps4 which is great for a game that focuses on fast hand-to-hand combat.

Difficulty options

There are no difficulty options at the launch of the game SIFU. 

By Aanchal Singh

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