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error code 500

Reddit gallery internal server error or error code 500 is a common problem. Now this topic is grabbing extreme attention especially in the United States, so let’s proceed further and know more about it. 

A lot of people who have been trying to access reddit have found this internal server error 500. So What is this internal server error code 500 and Why the people have to face this problem?

There are a lot of people who wrote in the reviews of reddit application that there are a lot of masses who were actually trying to access this site at the same time simultaneously which caused an internal server error code 500. 

So when the cpu memory was capped out whoever clicked on the site he was reaching the error code 500 page from the gator hots and also it has been said and it’s been delivered that it’s totally fine. Now this error is fine now. One person has also written that he knows that if he blasts something on his page again the error will happen again, so basically there is some problem in the accessing power. 

So due to a lot of people trying to assess the site at the same time basically cause this 500 internal error also there are other people who wrote down their viewpoints they said that the internal server error received recently by hostgator on the wp site  and he added that his site received a traffic spike of 300 plus real time and it seemed like since he is on shared hosting the cap on the cpu memory  could not handle all the visitors viewing the video and that is why due to a lot of traffic this error actually occurred . 

error code 500

People have suggested that they have done a lot of research and came to the conclusion that the best approach would be to upgrade to a VPS on host gator to allow for more cpu memory. So basically this error arrived because of the memory space problem. 

Some people have suggested their personal solution that one can grade to a VPS but cannot be a full-fledged solution. It’s only when a lot of people start trying to assess the site at once then this kind of error can occur because the CPU memory cannot handle it. So it’s all about the memory so you face the same problem with the reddit and when did it actually resolved and it was about this error 500 internal server.

Let us also try to find some legit reasons and solution to the internal reddit error code 500

1.Backend Issues

This is one of the most valid reason due to which the error code 500 occurs. If the reason behind your error 500 is backend, then others might also be facing the same issues. So don’t worry.

error code 500

2. Banned Account

 It can be the scene if the user gets banned. This ban can be by any of the threads or communities. If something like this happens there are chances of you experiencing this error code 500.

3. Stable Internet Connection

You also make sure that you have a stable internet connection, sometimes a bad internet connectivity can result in the warning of an error occurring (status:500) reddit. If you are using proxy or vpn make sure to disable. disabling the vpn or proxy would result in some better proceedings.

error code 500

4.Check Reddit Status

The error 500 stands for any internal server error which may happen due to timeouts, deadlocks or invalid syntax. This error code can also get established if web server reaches the upper limit. The reddit uses java script’s AJAX technology which helps to submit the posts etc. 

This technology sends information to the server and many times the server can not handle requests which results in error code 500. To check the status, you can visit the official reddit page, a yellow bar will indicate some issue regarding the backend server and all you can do now is to wait.

5. Clearing Cache 

error code 500

This has been the solution to a lot of people, indeed clearing cache works wonders. so firstly go and clear all the cache files and revert back to reddit. The reddit error 500 might vanish.

You can also turn on the incognito tab for seamless experience So these are few of the points which can be taken into consideration whenever you experience reddit 500 error.

By Maria Amaniya

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