Know Everything about Valorant Mobile Game

Valorant Mobile Game

If you are anywhere close to a gamer, there is no doubt that you have at least heard of the Valorant mobile game. Having long since been a part of the PC universe, Riot Games, the developers, announced a few years ago that the game would be making its debut on the phone.

Riot games have developed some of the known names in the game industry, mainly League of Legends. Here is all that you need to know about the Valorant Mobile Game and what to expect out of it.

Valorant Trailer and Valorant Mobile Gameplay

The Valorant game is a PC-based tactical shooter game that operates from the first-person point of view. The gameplay and mechanics of the game are pretty similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has been in development for 6 years, the work starting in 2014 and ending in 2020. As soon as the game reached the markets, Valorant gained immense success. It has become one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the game industry.

Only in June after the year of its release, according to official figures released by the company, 14 million players logged in every single month to play the game. Valorant has risen in popularity quite quickly. 

Valorant Gameplay

Valorant Mobile Game

The gameplay of Valorant mobile game is not very different from other first-person shooting games. What makes it different from other games is a bit of class-based gameplay. Players have the option of playing as a set of agents. Remarkably, each agent has a special ability. Their mission is to either defend a bomb site or attack it.

The players start around with just one pistol and depending on how they performed in the previous round, they can get more and more advanced weaponry. 

The agents mentioned before are usually fifteen in number. As mentioned, they have special abilities, and to make the game even more real, they are divided into four subtypes. 

They are Controllers, Sentinels, Duelists, and Initiators. The names indicate their specialization and help finish each mission with ease. 

There are various modes that a player can enjoy in Valorant mobile game. However, the most enjoyable and popular one is their competitive mode. The matches win by getting the best of 25, which means that each team has to win at least 13 rounds to win. They have a 100-second round of times within which they have to either deliver the bomb site or wipe out the opposite army. 

Future of Upcoming Valorant Mobile Game

Valorant Mobile Game

The valorant mobile game was announced post the massive success of the game online. There is not a lot of information about what changes or similarities the valorant mobile game will have with the PC version.  The most that we do know depends on how we have seen other tactic games, such as Call of Duty mobile or PUBG work. 

Speculations are that the precise aiming and movement of the mouse and keyboard might be missing from the mobile gameplay. On the other hand, the controls that were available on the PC version will be available with the help of a game controller and other such methods. 

It has also been confirmed that the mobile version of the game will work towards integrating more players into the game. The world of Valorant mobile game is likely to be developed even more before its release on the phone. 

Players should be careful before expecting a scene-to-scene copy of the game. Following the past trend, it is possible that Riot Games will start with the basic trends and then move on to add more features with the new updates. The core gameplay will of course remain the same.

At the same time, players should not expect the same gameplay as their PC counterparts, expecting changes that would suit better on the phone. 

Valorant Mobile Release date

Valorant Mobile Game

Unfortunately, the actual valorant mobile release date of the game is still up for debate. We have no idea when the game will be released on your phones. What we do know is that development is underway and Riot Games is putting their best into making the game as close to its PC version as possible. 

As of 13th January 2022, we know that Riot Games is hiring a Senior Game designer. The expected date for the release of the game is the Summer of 2022 or around the time. Some also expect it to be released in the first quarter however, that claim is mostly being contested with time passing and no communication with Riot games on the horizon. The most probable release date as of the most recent information seems to be sometime in 2023. 

Valorant Mobile Beta Version

Valorant Mobile Game

While little to nothing is known about the release date, Riot Games has made it possible for gamers to sign up for the beta version of the Valorant Mobile game. By making an account on TapTap, gamers will be contacted as soon as a release date is announced. 

Players must be careful about choosing the right site because many sites are using scams and do not have the direct authentication to actually register for the beta play of the game. 

The beta version will also be either region or software-locked. Players will have to be sure that they are eligible for playing the beta version of the game. 

While much information about the game remains in speculation, following the trends set by previously first-person tactical and shooter games, players can expect a sophisticated and well-made game. Whenever a Valorant mobile game hits the phones close to gamers, it is bound to blow up. With the very different release dates produced by different sources and the company not giving a single answer, it is wise for players to remain hopeful for the game either in the second half of this year or later next year. 

By Maria Amaniya

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