eVoice vs Grasshopper: Which is better for business in 2022?

eVoice vs Grasshopper

Over the past 2 years use of virtual phone systems has increased as most of the businesses are working remotely. We are going to see about eVoice Vs Grasshopper. Virtual phone systems give you much more functionality and help your teams stay connected and finding the best one for your business is quite difficult. Virtual phone system is a communication platform that handles all business calls over the internet.

eVoice and Grasshopper are the two top systems which provide the best services. Both rely on PTSN connections, rather than IP phones. They both give the small business owner a professional appearance and while giving workers an opportunity to work from wherever and whenever they want. In this article we will see which app is more reliable and good for your small business and the best for your needs and budget. This is why there is eVoice Vs Grasshopper which is important to see.

Overview of eVoice Vs Grasshopper

eVoice vs Grasshopper

eVoice is a phone service which answers and routes all your business calls, it allows you to run your business from any device. You can easily customize it according to your needs. It has total 30 features double of grasshopper but with extra pricing. It is best for solopreneurs and the small teams who need a line to connect with customers and employers. So, they are looking to check first eVoice Vs Grasshopper and more info on each company.

It doesn’t provide any pesky contract which means if you do not like it, you can end using it. As soon as you will open their website on the very first page, you’ll know all about its features. It doesn’t ask you to pay for any extra hardware to run your account. You can expect the features like conference calls, extensions for your business, fax you can also get your voicemails into audio or text. It has click-to-call widget, dial by name directory and inbound faxing. The rivals eVoice Vs Grasshopper will be there to find which is important.

Grasshopper is a full featured business phone suitable for the small businesses. It provides service to add unlimited users at no extra cost and user-friendly applications, instant text messages. They offer full year service, and they provide you 24/7 customer support.

They provide you a toll number according to your liking, you also can get your customize greeting. You can expect features like conference calls, voicemail to e-mail or fax, transcription, and with this you don’t need to worry about installation they will connect your mobile devices with their systems. It has total 15 features. This is why it is important to look in more for eVoice Vs Grasshopper.

eVoice Vs Grasshopper: Comparison

eVoice vs Grasshopper
  • eVoice starting cost $14 per user per month with monthly plans while Grasshopper starting cost $29 for one number and three extensions
  • eVoice costs SMS while Grasshopper doesn’t.
  • Can’t use eVoice on the desktop while grasshopper can be used.
  • Activation of both the app’s is free
  • eVoice gives 30 day free trial and grasshopper give 30 day money back guarantee.
  • In eVoice you get 6 and 45 numbers depending on your plan while in grasshopper limit is 3 phone numbers
  • eVoice provides conference call capability up to 95 participants, whereas in grasshopper there is only limit of 10 participants.
  • Grasshopper gives you unlimited minutes while eVoice provides you 300-4000.
  • Video conferencing is added on in eVoice and grasshopper does not provide it
  • Both have auto-attendant and voicemail
  • Grasshopper charges $30 for a vanity or toll-free number. eVoice charges $30 to activate a toll free number, and has a monthly charge

eVoice appears to be cost less if you compare it with grasshopper, but its per user pricing with add on cost for features. On the other hand, grasshopper provides affordable plans with no extra charge.

Both the apps provide similar features, like an auto-attendant, voicemails but the pricing is different and each service provides features not offered by other. Many small businesses will prefer grasshopper as its transparent pricing will not cost them extra unexpected charges so they can use it for long term without changing it.

We evaluated eVoice Vs Grasshopper on the following basis: –

eVoice vs Grasshopper
  • Their monthly and annual cost.
  • Extra Charges for add on services
  • Their ratings by users
  • Ease of use and set up installation
  • Customer support
  • Affordability
  • Availability of features

Pricing Comparison of eVoice Vs Grasshopper

eVoice provides one plan elite monthly which cost $14 per user, per month, or $144 for yearly plans. The package includes 30,000 minutes, three phone numbers, unlimited extension and inbound faxing.

Grasshopper doesn’t charge per user and all packages provide messaging. Prices start at $26 for one phone number and three extensions when paid annually. $49 per month for three phone numbers and six extensions. $89 per month for five phone numbers and unlimited extensions.

With feature-rich plans offering unlimited extensions, Grasshopper gives you an affordable way to add new employees. Plan pricing is based on a monthly payment, but you can save 10% by paying annually. It is important to understand eVoice Vs Grasshopper to go for the best.

Why Grasshopper is better option for small businesses?

eVoice vs Grasshopper

Grasshopper provides services for both mobile and desktop. Grasshopper responds to reviews. The app receives higher user rating of 90%. If you are unable to answer your phone you can generate an instant response which will automatically send a text to your caller.

It provides very reasonable features their pricing might be high, but you’ll have an idea on what you are spending. All its plans have unlimited minutes. If you need a new local or toll-free number grasshopper provides you with alternatives. It has a professional sound studio, they give you a choice to select different voices for your business, also they can record in several languages.

Here, in eVoice Vs Grasshopper, the Grasshopper has taken a higher footstep.


So, if we look at all the pros and cons of eVoice Vs Grasshopper. eVoice is quite cheaper, but they do not reveal their premium pricing which is quite risky and confusing. Also, when you are a small business, you don’t need several phone numbers, especially when you must pay extra for every additional line of recording and outsourcing the email, or additional faxing features.

To send eVoice faxes you must pay $1.95 per month, while in grasshopper you don’t have to. Also, you just can’t rely on plans and features ratings by users also play an important role in it and if you compare the ratings of both the app’s Grasshopper ace in it.

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