Elden Ring: Know Everything about the Game in 2022

Elden Ring

Elden ring from software’s is an upcoming action rpg. Elden Ring trailer is still a bit mysterious but in case you aren’t sure about this title whether you are a soul born veteran or a newcomer here are some Elden ring news and things you should know before deciding to fork over your hard earned money.

Dark souls cross game of thrones 

 We will get the obvious factoid out of the way, though it isn’t talked about much these days one of the biggest pieces of information that originally got us hyped on Eldon Ring was the involvement of George R.R Martin the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire Fantasy novels or Game of Thrones as we know it on tv. 

The thing is that Martin’s involvement was not as heavy as many of us were anticipating, Martin only helped to build the world and write up the lore. That itself is no easy task but as far as the main narrative we will experience in the game it’s all from software. 

Different in design 

Anyone who has played blood borne secure or souls games is already familiar with software’s usual approach to world design , there are occasionally some bits of non-linearity but for the most part navigating from world to world is a straight shot Elden ring gameplay aims to break that tradition by going mainstream and giving us an open world. 

Now you will be able to take whatever you want and explore in any direction you choose , of course death lurks around every single corner but the massive scope of the Elden ring means that you are going to spend a lot of hours looking behind every nook and cranny for new gear and treasures .

Elden Ring

Choose your destiny 

Past souls born games as well as the games that copy the formula have usually required players to know how to play specific classes, you choose a weapon during character creation or early stages of the game and that’s pretty much what you play with for the remainder. Elden Ring on the other hand will allow players to use multiple weapons, meaning you won’t necessarily have to invest all of your skill points into whatever benefits a weapons playstyle the most.

 If you want to switch between using greatswords and bows to maces and axes, you can do so. As for where to explore, you can place your own waypoints on your map and mark places in case you want to explore them later of course are probably not going to find everything on your own so be sure to collect map fragments to uncover hidden areas of the world.


As much as we would love to see the grappling hand from secure return, Elden Ring is giving us a new way to navigate the world. the spirit steed, with the single input you can summon your spirit steed to help you get from point a to point b much quicker. Don’t worry about having to do so much climbing. The Elden Ring will have a few geysers in lower areas to help you reach greater heights with very little trouble. So don’t fret if the next place you want to go to is too high up.

Enemies and bosses

Elden Ring

Obviously we wouldn’t expect anything different from software when it comes to combat. They have arguably perfected their own formula of dodges, parries and stamina bars. So you can safely assume all the usual tricks like ambushes and mobs ganging up on you, however one thing to note about Elden Ring is that there is a wide array of bosses waiting to challenge you in addition to the six main bosses, far more than any of the souls born games have featured.

Needless to say be prepared to engage in a lot of duels and if you are worried about blasting through flasks, don’t fret your flask will refill a bit before combat encounters and refill afterwards and if you don’t want to take enemies head on you can utilize stealth to get the jump on them.

A Connected World 

Speaking of combat, veteran souls born players can expect the same online functionality that’s been featured in previous form software titles. Yes, players can still possibly invade your game and bring your journey to an end. For those not wanting to experience the game alone you will be able to embark on your quest with up to three other players. 

Of course if being online is not your cup of tea you can still experience all that Eden Ring has to offer by yourself. So experience the game by yourself or with other folks the choice is ultimately yours.

Elden Ring

Summon help 

One key difference between Elden Ring and from software’s previous titles is the focus on summons. This is going to be an older ring collector’s edition for sure. Past souls born games have usually stuck with players being able to summon each other to offer support in boss fights. 

This time around summons acts as a sort of spell. You can call in other real warriors to aid in a fight where you are outnumbered or raise giant skeletons to ambush some poor soul and smite them. It all depends on the souls you have collected from your enemies’ remains. 

Technical side  

This is all well and good but what about Elden Ring gameplay trailer performance standards, thankfully publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment came out with details about the game’s expected targets the pc, ps5, ps4 pro and Xbox series xs versions will all support ray tracing and come with resolution and performance settings allowing you to experience the game at 30 OR 60 frame per second.

 Resolution mode

Elden Ring

PS5 and XS will run resolution up to 3840 by 2160p while PS4 pro will run at 3200 by 1800p. However, resolution mode will expectedly lower the frame rate to 30 frames per second.

The Launch 

After waiting for this game for what felt like ages. Eldon Ring release is finally out now and please for the love of god do not delay. Elden Ring will launch on 25th 2022.

By Maria Amaniya

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