Deactivate Instagram: Is it time for a little Insta-detox in 2022?

deactivate Instagram

Over the past few years Instagram has won the hearts of its users and gained the position of #1 social media platform across the globe but it has also become important to deactivate Instagram in some cases. The dynamic and engaging features have made it more fascinating than other socials such as facebook and twitter. No wonder our lives today are more affected by instagram than any other aspect.

The glamor, plethora of ideas and content, alluring features, abundant opportunities have mesmerized the users in so many ways. But, the glamor can sometimes seem a little too blinding. As captivating as it may look, everyone needs and deserves to spend time away from all the fascinations on social media platforms. And it is okay to take a break from all these sparkle.

Whatever makes you want to get off the grid for a while or say goodbye to your account or page permanently, this article will help guide you through the process of how to deactivate Instagram .

Deactivate Instagram Account

Most of the time people only want to take time off of instagram for a short period and it is best to deactivate Instagram. You might need a break, maybe it is too distracting for you or maybe you are afraid you might be addicted to it.There are endless possible reasons. But since it is easier to recover your account by Deactivate Instagram than to delete instagram account, this is the more favored way.

deactivate Instagram

Steps to deactivate instagram account:

  1. Open the browser on your phone or PC
  2. Type ‘Instagram login’ in the search bar
  3. Once the page appears, log-in into Instagram by entering your credentials
  4. Then go to your profile
  5. Tap or click on the ‘edit profile button
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Temporarily disable my account’ option appearing in bold blue font
  7. After the page appears Instagram tells you about the things you need to know about disabling your account temporarily. 

Like your account is going to stay hidden until you decide to reactivate it, you can deactivate Instagram only once a week which means if you reactivate your account after two to three days and want to disable it again within the same week, instagram would not allow you to do so.

deactivate Instagram

Instagram assures you about the safety of your data.

  1. Under all this information, you will find a drop down button, where you need to choose a reason for disabling your account. 
  2. Once you carefully choose your reason. You have to enter your correct password.
  3. At the bottom of the page, you will find the ‘Temporarily Disable Account’ button. You just need to tap or click on that button.

Steps to Delete an Instagram Account

In some cases you might be looking for a more permanent solution to do away with your account and so it will not work to deactivate Instagram. If it is so, deleting your account is a more relevant option. Although, you should carefully think about the decision before you hit the delete button, because once you delete it there is no coming back. All your data including your posts, reels, stories, archives, saves etc.

Therefore, if you don’t want to regret it later, choose carefully between to deactivate instagram and delete instagram account. Once you have deleted your account you can easily make a new account but the old one can not be recovered. Still if you are sure about your decision, here is how you do it:

deactivate Instagram
  1. Open your browser on phone or PC.
  2. Type ‘Instagram login’ in the search bar
  3. Once the page appears, log-in into Instagram by entering your credentials
  4. Then go to your profile
  5. Go to the menu bar on the top-right corner page of the page
  6. Go to Settings
  7. Tap or click on the ‘Help’ option
  8. Four options will appear before. Select the second ‘Help Center’ option
  9. Again click on the icon on the top right corner of the page
  10. Go to ‘Manage Your Account’
  11. The page will appear, select the ‘Delete Your Account’ option
  12. The ‘Delete Your Account’ page will appear with three drop-down questions
  13. Select the second question ‘How do I delete my Instagram Account?’
  14. When the drop-down menu appears, scroll down and read the instruction under ‘To request the permanent deletion of your account:’ heading
  15. Click the ‘Delete Your Account’ option which is written in blue font at the bottom of the page
  16. You will have to carefully choose a reason for deleting your instagram account.
  17. Next, re-enter your password, scroll down and tap on the ‘Delete (your_username)’ option
deactivate Instagram

Instagram is an amazing app with a lot of things to try and opportunities for exposure. Today it is more than just a text-exchanging social media platform. Instagram has grown into an important aspect of our day-to-day lives. But, every coin has two sides. If you decide to pull yourself away from the crowd temporarily or permanently, it is totally up to you.

By Aanchal Singh

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