6 Best Helpdesk Software for Small Business

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Small businesses are going to be the talk of at least the next decade or two. Maybe even more who use helpdesk software. With lockdown and low or no social interactions, many sellers recently lost their businesses. These days, anyone who wishes to do business has access to social media and can blog has a small business. What makes the seller-consumer interactions better is helpdesk software. Here, you will find you listed the six best helpdesk software for small businesses. 

Zoho Desk 

helpdesk software

Zoho is a popular helpdesk software. It started with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a cloud-based word processor. It offers one free and four paid plans. The free plan can support up to three agents. Three out of the four paid plans (standard plan, professional plan, and enterprise plan) offer fifteen days free trial, while the fourth paid plan (ultimate plan) offers thirty days free trial. The free program gives a good insight, so the user knows what it is like before trying out the paid plans.

It offers all the necessary features at an affordable price. Similar to many of its competing helpdesk software for small businesses, it allows multichannel support. This means that customers can reach the agents via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter apart from email, web form, etc. The free plan allows 24-hour mail support for five days a week, the standard plan allows 24-hour phone support for five days a week and the professional plan allows 24-hour chat support for five days a week. 

Kayako Helpdesk Software

helpdesk software

Kayako started as a bootstrap company when customer helpdesk software was as good as being non-existent. It has many customers worldwide, which shows that it does have good services. It can be noted down for its best value offer at entry-level- about half that of its competitors.

Even at half price, the user will receive certain essential features like multichannel communication. Just like its competitor, Zoho, Kayako also allows customers to reach the agents via social media (Facebook and Twitter), email, chat, or self-service portals. 

Kayako has a unique feature called “multi-brand.” It allows the user to create multiple helpdesks. Basically, it acts as a many-in-one helpdesk software for small businesses. One of its many features is that it allows payment through many portals through Zapier. 

Kayako offers three paid plans with fourteen-days free trials for each of them.

Zendesk Helpdesk Software

helpdesk software

Zendesk helpdesk software for small businesses focuses more on the marketing part and has amazing standards of quality. It had started with a focus on CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Zendesk allows the user to collect customer messages, inquiries from all the sources, including social media, and has an automated reply system where the Artificial Intelligence sends automated responses, similar to today’s WhatsApp Business accounts.

As stated earlier, Zendesk has a market-oriented approach, so it has it designed to enforce its approach. It allows the user to gather customer reviews from all over. It also gives ample aids in analyzing the business flow and helps in creating more marketing opportunities. Business owners are provided with Zendesk’s own help center, user community, and assistance via call, email, and online support. 

Zendesk offers three paid plans and one free plan, which unlocks all the features of the Professional plan. 

Freshdesk Helpdesk Software

helpdesk software

Freshdesk has many tools which can be used for sales, communication, and marketing. It is software that businesses of all scale can uses, but its affordable pricing and useful automation make it the best choice as a helpdesk software for small businesses.

Just like Zendesk’s feature of a combined inbox, Freshdesk also has a similar feature. The software’s AI is built in such a manner that it classifies customer reviews automatically and sends them to the right agents. The AI further assists the seller by bringing the notifications which need to be more focused to their attention. It also sends automated emails to the customer based on the status updated by the agent. Another great feature is that it does not allow any two agents to work on the same item. 

Freshdesk has three paid plans, all of which features can be tried during a 21-days free trial period. 

HappyFox Helpdesk Software

helpdesk software

It is a fairly new helpdesk software for small businesses. It is known for its ease of use. It offers an array of features that are easy to use on its very well-designedwell-designed dashboard. The dashboard is built so that it allows the business team to manage an incoming flow of reviews and inquiries in a very simple manner.

HappyFox allows phone call communications, but its main focus is on various forms of text connections, like social media, email, live chat,, etc. It also offers a self-service portal where the consumer can get answers on their own to common queries. It also makes managing things easier for the agents by using a round-robin algorithm. A round-robin algorithm identifies which agent is available and which among them will be a better choice for the task at hand. 

HappyFox offers two plans, both of which will be suitable for small businesses and medium businesses. It offers two more plans for the bigger businesses. It offers no free trials, but it does offer a demo tour. 

JitBit Helpdesk Software

helpdesk software

JitBit is a very simple helpdesk software whose main focus is on customer emails. Although it is focused on customer email services, it also allows live chat and a web portal. It provides a small business with all kinds of email support that it might need, including complex features.

It provides a feature for automated responses to customers. It also allows us to assign dates to an email, as in deciding on which date is it supposed to go out, along with the designated email id. A simple grid shows the status of the emails. 

Jitbit offers four different plans. Each plan is designed to suit the needs of various organizations, based on the number of agents, ranging from one to many agents. 

By Maria Amaniya

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